For companies that want to expand from the Finnish market, the question is often how and where? The World Values Survey shows that the Swiss market is just right for Finnish companies. For one thing, the two countries share almost identical values and cultures and high standards of quality, technology and design. This makes market entry much easier. On the other hand, Switzerland offers high purchasing power and, with its three national languages, is the ideal starting and test market for the large countries Germany, France and Italy.

Gateway and test market for Europe

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Finnish companies can use Switzerland as a hub for all their market activities. In a quasi-protected space „outside“ the EU, Switzerland offers the opportunity to test products and services with customers in the different language and cultural regions, conduct price analyses and thus prepare for the large markets Germany, France and Italy. Valuable information can be read from the results in the three regions and conclusions drawn for a market entry in Central Europe.

Since the transport routes are very well developed and administration with neighbouring countries is proven to be simple, Switzerland can also be used as a central hub from which everything is controlled. With its three national languages and cultures, Switzerland is now used by numerous international companies as a test and innovation market for expansion into Europe. Examples include Google, Tesla, IKEA, Skullcandy and countless other large and small companies.

SFB Partners

SFB Partners supports Finnish companies and paves their way to Switzerland and Central Europe. The Finnish-Swiss consultants of SFB Partners offer professional support throughout the entire process. From market research and market entry planning to setting up a local country organisation.

Foresight gives security: that’s why a professional market analysis should be made before entering the Swiss market.