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Import and export trade today affects almost every person in the world. Imports and exports enable each country to make the best use of its most abundant resources. By exporting its surplus, whether raw materials or finished products a country earns the money to import another nation’s surplus. The industry is sensitive not just to changes in government trade policy, but also to fluctuations in the economies of importing and exporting trade partners; not to mention ongoing pandemic.

In 2018, according to OEC, Finland was the number the number 42 in the world in total exports, the number 44 in total imports. Switzerland was the number 18 in total exports, the number 17 in total imports. However, what are the export import figures between Finland and Switzerland? How much trade is happening between these two countries and which branches have more potential?

In our upcoming Webinar, our guest speakers will discuss about export import trends between Finland and Switzerland. The will look back to past years and shed some light on the trade highlights. We will seek answers for future branches and discuss, what kind of power lies in the trade between Switzerland and Nordics.

Join our webinar and discussion:
Export Import Trends between Finland and Switzerland Thursday, 28th January 2021 from 15.30 to 16.30 hours (CET)
Guest Speakers Philipp Jordi and Gustav Henriksson.

The webinar link with a list of attendees will be sent to registered guests a day prior to the event. Webinar will be held in English and is free of charge for the invited Guests & Partners of our Chamber.

Export Import Webinar 28.1.2021

PHILIPP JORDI – Team Finland Coordinator in Berne
Philipp Jordi is Advisor for Commercial and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Finland in Berne, Switzerland. As such he acts as the “Team Finland Coordinator” for Switzerland, connecting “Team Finland” partners such as the Embassy itself, the Honorary Consulates, Business Finland and the Chamber of Commerce. Before his appointment to Economic Advisor, Philipp worked in various positions in the engineering, transportation and travel industries. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Basel and a Master of Advanced European studies from the Institute for European Global Studies in Basel. Since September 2020, Philipp Jordi is the Board Member of Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland.

GUSTAV HENRIKSSON – Head of Trade Point Nordics, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Stockholm.
Gustav Henriksson is Head of the Trade Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Sweden. He is also the local representative of the Swiss trade promotion agency, Switzerland Global Enterprise, and coordinates Swiss export and location

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