Our network

We offer you access to a powerful network.

Your enquiries

We find answers and recommend next steps.


We organise regular events on relevant subjects.


We supply current reports, newsletters and information packages.

How exactly can we support you?

  • Supplying relevant business contacts, including personal introductions
  • Identifying suitable cooperation partners in Finland and Switzerland
  • Answering and forwarding enquiries on various subjects

  • Issuing invitations to our events and those hosted by our partners

  • Forwarding enquires to specialist members (e.g. lawyers) as necessary

  • Providing information on important happenings via events and newsletters


For almost half a century our Chamber has steadily grown because we promote and support the interest of our Members. Our network enabled to connect Finnish and Swiss professionals and helps them to optimise their business and create long-lasting friendships.

Felice G. Romano • President